Overcome Digital Transformation Barriers with iPaaS

Technology has become an indispensable part of our personal and professional lives today. Digital networks, smart devices and artificial intelligence have also taken over business processes. Today, companies are in the race for digital transformation. For companies, digital transformation is an endless journey that changes as new technologies and trends emerge, such as customer demands, production and operating tools.

It is not easy for companies to achieve digital transformation successfully. To initiate and transform the digital journey, you need to use technology the right way at the right time. Today, many businesses still need to overcome many obstacles to achieve digital transformation. While our digital transformation may seem difficult, it is a manageable challenge when you think beyond the barriers. For this, you need to know the obstacles you will encounter while performing digital transformation.

What are the challenges of digital transformation?

It is not easy for businesses to realize digital transformation. Digital transformation must encompass everything within the company; products, technology, systems, processes… When it comes to the digitalization of companies, some businesses have a long way to go. It is not possible to achieve digital transformation without the right systems and the right people.

Most businesses face some common problems during digital transformation projects.

Data security:

Most companies believe that data security is the most important obstacle when trying to achieve digital transformation. Most companies today use more than one different software for their workflows and customer data. The challenge is to convert a large number of data from different applications into a single real source. When more than one application is connected to each other, company employees can access a lot of shared data in line with the authorizations given.

Budget shortage:

Digital transformation means making an investment for your company. Companies do not provide a sufficient budget while performing digital transformation. This may be due to limited company size or only competing priorities.

Corporate culture:

Digital transformation requires a mindset that prioritizes digital and collaboration. Adoption of new technologies is important for companies to achieve a successful digital transformation. Companies must deliver the right tools to their teams and empower them to participate in the transformation.

Legacy systems and traditional integrations:

A big part of a successful digital transformation is data integration. Many businesses still operate in a hybrid state today, using a combination of legacy, on-premises systems and cloud applications. They utilize point-to-point, hand-coded integration to connect these applications. This process is expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Companies need to view and manage large numbers of data in different applications they use from a single interface within a few hours.

Multiple operational silos:

Generally, the digital transformation is expected to be carried out by the IT team in every company. While enterprise-grade tools can only be accessed by IT, digital business initiatives are driven by business users. Since digital transformation affects all areas of a business, everyone in the company should have their job. This means that business users must be provided with easy-to-understand application integration tools so they can contribute to the digital initiative and free the IT team to focus on larger-scale projects.

Leave the barriers behind with iPaaS!

What is iPaaS?

Integration as a Service Platform (iPaaS) is a cloud-based software that provides data flow by providing infrastructure and tools to assist in the integration of multiple on-premises and cloud-based applications.

iPaaS offers a simple solution to manage, develop and integrate cloud applications from a single interface. Adopting an iPaaS is the easiest way to overcome obstacles on your way to your digital transformation journey.

How iPaaS helps overcome barriers?

  • Provides the opportunity to manage multiple applications from a single interface.
  • Requires less cost than traditional and old methods.
  • Provides the ability to monitor applications in real-time and send important updates to teams.
  • Provides a 360 ° overview of customer data and the company
  • Provides faster workflow automation.
  • Creates customized workflows for company employees.
  • Automates and standardizes the digital customer journey.
  • Facilitates the access of company employees to the information they need. This makes it easy to find the right information and prevents mistakes from repeating.

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