Integration Platform as a Service

Ayran provides an integration platform for connecting APIs, on-premises and cloud applications.

Integration Platform as a Service

The Best Integration Solution Under One Roof!


Simplify complex integrations and accelerate your business growth with Ayran.

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Enhance your e-commerce operations and increase your customer satisfaction.

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Integrate your finance and accounting processes with your ERP system.

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Automate human resources processes by integrating all HR applications.

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Integrations With Ayran

What is iPaaS?

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a tool that enables APIs, on-premises and cloud applications to be integrated with each other. With iPaaS, businesses integrate all applications and resources they use within the organization. Thus, businesses can automate their business processes and avoid wasting time.

Integration Suite from Ayran

Ayran is an iPaaS that offers more than a hundred integration solutions. The connectors offered by Ayran reduce the time required to integrate applications and reduce enterprises’ costs in the integration processes.

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Automate Business Processes with Ayran's Integration Platform